Tuesday, 11 December 2012

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We'd like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!! to everyone who attended the scooter jam on sunday. Sparkling Rapidz for being a top sponsor and providing us with the awesome XBOX 360 prize and of course MGP team for being good sports.

As it currently stands, the placings are as follows;

1. Archie Pratt
2. Danny Moulson
3. Curtis Clancy

Best Trick. Curtis Clancy (Quad Whip over the spine)

"87" is the winning  raffle ticket number

OK, there seems to be a bit of controversy about the placing or participants in this scooter compeition we held last sunday, so we're gonna investigate and do our best to resolve this issue. Because as you know it was ment to be an amatuer only event to give everyone a chance. We simply wanted people to have fun and obviously have a fair stab at winning the XBOX.

So bare with us as we try and resolve matters.

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